Starting that 3rd Career…

Healthy 60yo’s, bored with retirement, discover longevity breakthrough’s: “Cool! I can look forward to 30-50 more productive years!”

Then: Hey! I have time for a new, 3rd career!

This time I’m going to be an author! <begins writing>

[ping!] Oops, a Discord IM from one of my online communities. Lemme check that…

[ping!] Oh, Facebook engagement; let’s keep that conversation going with a fun little quip…

<eventually gets back to writing …two paragraphs later…>

[ping!] Instant message from wife. “Time for lunch?”

<After a leisurely lunch…>

Ugh, this post-meal lull… I really need a thousand more words today- Hey! Look, there’s a track weekend coming up! Ooh, and omg, the 2022 Porsche 911 Turbo S does 0-60 in 2.2 seconds! That bears deeper investigation!

<refocuses, writes two sentences>

[ping!] Oh! A new twitter follower! Wait, am I becoming an influencer? Man, that’s a lotta pressure. I better do some Googling on what that entails. It might be a lot of responsibility and you know what they say, “If you’re going to do something, do it well…”

Oh look! Richard Branson’s flying into space! I want to fly into space. I wonder how I book a ride on the vomit comet to see if I’d like free fall?

<a “moment” later…>

Hmm…where should I go with this next chapter… Hey! You know what would be a cool new tech venture?! A new social media platform where you could…

[ping!] Instant message. “Honey, are you coming up for dinner?”

Damn! Where’d the day go?! Okay, TOMORROW morning, I’m really gonna buckle down!

Leveling Up As An Investor

(1) Accept that when it comes to forecasting crypto or stocks, nobody knows anything; people making forecasts are simply selling you something. If their model is not monetary gain, then it’s influence or follower gain. The “forecasters” have realized their KPI’s are not reliant on their accuracy over time. By the time they’ve told you about a real “deal,” it’s too late to take advantage of it, if it even exists.

(2) The key to consistent success for most people is HODLing with some diversification for risk mitigation. In a near-perfect market nobody has an “edge” except the whales, who’re using hyper-fast, hyper-efficient trading algorithms with very large trades. That ain’t you.

(3) Chasing the next big thing, for 99% of people, means being doomed to a cycle of always being just a little too late to capture the full upside or bail before the downside most of the time …but those people doing that will focus on the once or twice they manage it and as a result suppress the more frequent times they don’t …because, human nature (it’s the same thing that fuels casinos).

None of this should be news to you.