Surrogate Threats” (Michael Rader Adventures, book 1)

Surrogate Threats Cover(400x638)
Michael Rader Adventures

Michael Rader and Gabriel Lang hunt the cunning new breed of entrepreneurial criminals whose command of cutting edge technologies allows them to prey on others while misdirecting the police.

In “Surrogate Threats,” Rader – a wanted man himself – must figure out why and how someone is encouraging hundreds of innocent young third world women to become surrogate mothers as an unwitting part of a global blackmail operation. Who is the master villain? Why is his organization destroying lives and toppling the powerful?

When hapless victims are being thrust into their ultimate nightmare, suddenly suspected even by their friends or loved ones, Rader and Lang and the skills they bring to bear are the only hope for the helpless.


Self-Driving Steamrollers
(Your Guide to a Future Featuring Autonomous Cars You May Never Buy)

2nd Edition eBook Cover (400x640)Don’t wait for our near future to hit you like a driverless truck with a faulty collision sensor. Your world will soon change and this book is an entertaining introduction to help you prepare.

Using easy narrative, humor, anecdotes, his business experience, and Futurist’s vision, Higgins makes a compelling forecast that the age of driverless cars will be upon us and revolutionizing our world more rapidly and more drastically than most people realize.

It’s not a future you should await passively! “Self-Driving Steamrollers” lays out the benefits people and companies stand to reap by planning for the sweeping changes these technologies will bring. It also explores what and how much might be lost for those that don’t look ahead.

Self-Driving Steamrollers” is must read for both teens and adults. It’s valuable reading for both small business owners and executives leading large corporations.


A Blade in the Storm

A Blade In The Storm 1st Ed. cover (GReed).png A storm is brewing in the Kingdom of Zantaria.

A life of travel, enforcement and combat in service as a Rogar-mahn, Zantaria’s elite Rangers, have earned Caeron Coldlake an unequaled reputation as a woodsman, a sword master, and champion of Zantaria’s King. But now the kingdom is under siege and Caeron must overcome tragedy and hardship to buy the kingdom the time it needs to defend itself.

A Blade in the Storm, a sweeping epic fantasy, is a collaborative first novel by Kevin Higgins and George Reed. They began writing the book in 1985, penning much of it by hand while stationed out in the harsh environment of the Mojave Desert, where Higgins served as a US Army Infantry officer and Reed was an Armored officer. Both were assigned to the US Army’s elite desert OPFOR units at the National Training Center where OPFOR soldiers at the time spent around 220 days a year out in the field. It’s no accident that parts of Western Zantaria reflect the harsh environment in which the story was created! The book’s rough prose and significant length kept Higgins and Reed from finding a publisher until their opus could be converted into electronic format around 2009. Between 1993 and 2008, the authors toyed often with the idea of re-writing and shortening the book, but ultimately decided to leave it as originally written and unabridged.

While “A Blade in the Storm” is only available in digital format from the Smashwords epublishing site,  versions for most electronic readers are available.