For posterity (and giggles) here’s a partial list of my most noteworthy, whackadoodle ventures, in more-or-less chronological order.

ips_logo_03cName: Internet Payment Solutions, Inc. (PayByCash®).
Started: June, 1998.
Idea: Provide alternate payment options to Internet content providers via a simple integration, or in some cases, no integration at all.
paybycash133x29Result: Grew into a service that accepted over eighty alternate payment options around the world, giving hundreds of thousands of people the opportunity to subscribe or pay for content (mostly online paybycash_small_logogames) they otherwise would not have had. Employed around sixty people. Merged with Playspan (06/2008), then acquired by Visa (03/2011).

Tenderfoot games LogoName: Tenderfoot Games, LLC.
Started: December, 2004.
Idea: Develop the online game, Wild West Online®: Gunfighter.
Result: Employed a team of about ten people. Developed WWO:G, a multiplayer, tactical wild west gunfight game, where two players faced off against each other and used strategic offensive and defensive moves in a gunfight. The game had great legs and was immensely fun, but never developed a following. Eventually the development studio was closed and the game put into maintenance mode. After about four years, it was taken down for good.

Name: Five Rings Investments, LLC.
Started: Jan, 2001.
Idea: Angel investing and real-estate investing.
Result: Operating, with success.

Shoot Extreme FULL_LOGO_on_badge(1200x377)Name: Shoothouse Sims, LLC (Shoot Extreme®).
: January, 2012.
Idea: Combine technology, firearms education, practical/self-defense shooting, and sport shooting, with non-lethal ammunition (Simunition®) to create a new kind of shooting experience, heretofore only available to military combat arms and law enforcement.
Shoot Extreme reticle_badgeResult: Shoot Extreme opened its first store in mid-2012. After receiving basic weapons and safety training, shooters, could enter one of two maze-like shoothouses, which could be either lit or dark. The shoothouses featured free-standing, humanoid targets that would activate with movement, lights, and sound, when the shooter came into sight. The shooter would have a limited period of time to safely acquire the target and “kill” it with a successful shot to the body. Shoothouse 1 was typically configured as a zombie hunt, was typically kept dark (making the shooting much more challenging) and was the most popular. Shoothouse 2 was most commonly configured as a counter-terrorist or hostage rescue scenario and was more challenging, with shorter engagement times and harder shots. Customers could also incorporate force-on-force training, either against Shoot Extreme staff, or against each other.It was sold in March, 2015 to Defender Outdoors.

Name: Carpet Camo™ Pet Food.
Pending investor interest…
Pet food specially formulated so it will blend exactly with your carpet color, all the way through the …uh, “various stages” of your pet’s digestive process. An end to those pesky pet stains! (Co-marketed with Acme® Hairball Dye for Cats.)
Result: Pending. For sale. Make an offer. Any offer. Really. Comes with “” domain (really!). Please submit offers on the first day of April whenever possible.

earlyFAR_logo(700x700)Name: FriendsAtRisk™ (F@R™)(Friends@Risk™)
June, 2014.
Idea: “Friends don’t let friends do dumb shit.™” F@R is a messaging platform that taps into the latent desire people have to feel good about being empowered to “Support, Guide, and Encourage” (or alternately, warn people away from self-destructive or otherwise “stupid” behaviors). Because empowerment – the “See it, change it” attitude that defines the “Gen X” and “Gen Y” (“Millenials”) view of the world (and which Bernie Sanders is so successfully tapping) – hasn’t been leveraged into a platform that actively (and easily!) encourages young adults to do more than just talk.
Result: In development. Finally.

Name: Marius Technologies, LLC (™).
Started: November, 2015.
Idea: Develop the business conceptualized and implemented by Ryk Marius in the book “Surrogate Threats” (published by Inner Lizard, LLC), focusing first on’s Heterochronic Transfusion Therapy (HTT), then eventually incorporating Marius Tech’s Autogenous Restitution (Clone Body Replacement, or “CBR”), pending the results of Dr. Sergio Canavero’s surgery on Valery Sprinidov in December, 2017.
Result: Pending, but getting younger.

Rakish Halo (400x353)Name: Rakish Halo, LLC.
November, 2014.
Idea: Intellectual property management and development. Resurrect and reboot “The Saint,” the world-spanning literary property created by Leslie Charteris.
Result: Getting a major motion picture developed.


Inner Lizard

Name: Inner Lizard, LLC.
November, 2015.
Idea: Domain investments and literary publishing (books by Kevin Higgins).
Result: Myriad domains bought and sold, two books published. Profitable (barely,  mostly due to domain arbitrage…).


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Name: The Plank+™ (Pronounced “PlankPlus.” Web site coming soon to
Started: August 1, 2019
Idea: An athletic device for adding resistance to important core (abdominal) exercises, such as planks, side planks, hip-dips, hanging leg raises, as well as providing improved additional resistance for exercises like dips, pull-ups and chin-ups, and others.
Result: In development. Accepting pre-orders and applications for trial/promotional use of the first run of functional prototypes. (To place an order, contact plankplus @, without the spaces.) The pre-order price is $59.95 and payment via PayPal is required until the full production versions are available.

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