2012 McLaren MP4-12C

Sometimes Subtlety Feels Overrated…

Sure, savvy tacticians oftimes go to great lengths to conceal their strengths and blend with the crowd. But sometimes, to borrow a line from “Risky Business,” you just have to say, “What the fuck.” Sometimes, you just have to spread your plumage. Sometimes, you just want to turn heads or bring a little joy into the lives of those others who, like us, thrill to the sight and sound of a piece of four-wheeled art work.

Kevin's McLaren MP4-12cFor those days, there are few vehicles that do that like a carbon-fiber McLaren MP4-12C. Maybe with the input sound generator set to full, snarling, “track” mode, giving that not-quite subtle warning that you’ve got 616hp and you’re not afraid to use it.


For those days, this was my nod to my inner lizard. It’s one of the very few supercars, aside from a Porsche 911 Turbo, that’s as docile (and dare I say, practical) to drive on the street as it is adrenaline-dumping fun on the track (and yes, I absolutely tracked this beauty).

McLaren Sunset

The above pictures were done as part of a photo shoot by Javier Santiago, of OJSDesign on 4/9/2014. I sold this car in April, 2014 because the Chicago McLaren’s service center was so unbelievably, abysmally bad, that it was simply impractical to own (and track) a car if they were the ones you had to rely on for service.