Inner Lizard, LLC, is now accepting orders for the Plank+! Details below.

What is the Plank+™?

The Plank+™ (pronounced “plank plus”) is a patented exercise device that facilitates adding resistance to the key core exercises everyone should be doing: Planks! But not just planks. The Plank+ allows adding resistance to most plank variations, including planks with leg lift, side planks, hip-dips, variations of straight-arm planks, and many others.

But Plank+ functionality as an exercise benefit multiplier doesn’t end there. Plank+ also allows you to easily add resistance to other body-weight exercises like pull-ups, chin-ups, pushups, hanging leg raises, and many other strength and stability exercises essential for a well-balanced, athletic physique and unlocked performance in all sports.

Plank+ is currently being evaluated and refined by renowned fitness coaches, athletes, and influencers. First run production will begin in October, 2019.

Plank+ media — photos, videos, and tutorials will soon be published on the Plank+ home site,, once it’s available for sale. Plank+ will be available on and through other retail outlets.

Pre-orders for Plank+ first production run can be made by sending an email to plankplus @ (remove the spaces). Plank+ pre-production price is $59.95 and payment via PayPal is required during the pre-production period.

“Plank+” and “PlankPlus” are trademarks of Inner Lizard, LLC. All rights reserved.