Delightfully surprised by “Stealth Fitness!”

I hesitate to post product reviews (you KNOW how hard it is for me to realize when I’m boring people with my weird interests!), but when I think something is really worth sharing, I like to mention products executed well.

FTR, I am unaffiliated with this company, nor get any reward or incentive for this review. I just like to share things that work for me.

I took a flier on this one: The Stealth Core Trainer, by Stealth Body Fitness, LLC.
Their pitch was: “Game your core.”

So, the obvious concept is: You’re doing planks, but playing games while introducing rotation/stabilization of the platform your forearms rest on. So, like planks, only more engaging.

It was as if their marketing was aimed right at the intersection of my enthusiasms for gaming and fitness! (And that’s a dangerous sign for any business because anything that seems pitched perfectly at me almost guarantees relegation to niche success, if any!)

I was skeptical, but am delighted to have been proved wrong.

Like many, I get SO bored doing planks that, being as undisciplined as I am, I all too often end up skipping them in my functional-training workouts.This has really changed that. I’ve been doing three planking sessions a day, lately! 😬

I think of this device as “the poor man’s ‘Icaros Home’ experience.” (Here’s an example of the “Icaros Home” VR (virtual reality) fitness experience):

The Stealth core trainer is a LOT less expensive! 😁

At any rate, this Stealth Fitness trainer is insidiously effective. I don’t know how else to say it: I’m freakin’ having fun. …doing core workouts. Who’da thunk it?!

Even the two free games on the Stealth Fitness app that complement this fitness device are sufficient to keep you “gaming your core.” But I like to support ventures like this, so I had no problem with the annual subscription that grants many more games. And for those that don’t want to go that direction, I’ve heard that almost any game that requires you to move your phone to maneuver your character around a screen can work.

As an added bonus, this device has attracted a robust Facebook Stealth Fitness group, which is nice for asking questions, participating in challenges (also supported by the app), and just sharing your successes.